Arley Court: Come home with Pride

Arley Court a 2 story apartment building situated in the middle of Lingayen proper, Pangasinan. Adjacent to Lingayen Municipal Hall and different establishments like grocery, restaurants, schools and national roads. It is a mix-used building, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Lingayen is well known for it's long and wide beach, short get away to the beach would be convenient.  Perfect for growing family or family with roots in Pangasinan.


Principal Architect: Bernie Fernandez Gundayao, UAP

Mix-used Buildings-New Trend

One of the mix-used building developed by Wessix Corporation, Arley Court is strategically situated in the heart of Lingayen, Pangasinan. Mix-used buildings are one of the current trends in urban areas. It's a type of urban development where commercial and residential units blend together. At Wessix Corporation, we try to bring innovation to places where it will be more beneficial.

There are a lot of places in our country that have potential when it comes to mix-used buildings and we believe that Ligayen is one of those places. Arley Court is ideal for family who have roots in Pangasinan or a growing family who wanted to settle in a tranquil place. 

Arley Court is a 2 story building with 11 units varying in different sizes. Each units can be used as commercial or residential spaces. It is a few minutes walk from Lingayen's Public Market and Lingayen Church. Easy and convenient to different establishments. Arley Court is definitely the place where you can come home with pride.


The Heart, The Soul and The Face

Lingayen, one of the Municipality in the province of Pangasinan. Lingayen is from the Pangasinan word "lingawen" which means "to look back". It got it's name from the big tamarind tree situated in front of the town plaza. Passers-by cannot resist to look back on that big-tamarind tree. From then up to this day, they call the town Lingayen.

Lingayen is considered as one of the most beautiful and peaceful town in Pangasinan. It is known for several tourist attractions like Ramos Ancestral House/Museum, Epiphany of Our Lord's Parish Church and Urduja House. Several beaches and waterparks are situated in the town as well. 

Arley Court is rationally placed near the Lingayen Public Market. It is few minutes walk from the Lingayen Municipal Hall and adjacent to Lingayen's National road that leads to other town in Pangasinan. It is very accessible to different establishment, perfect to the needs of every family.


Building Floor Plan

Building Floor Plan

Apartment Features and Development

A 2 story apartment with 11 units, suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. Front units of Arley Court have their own balcony. Another feature of Arley Court is a rooftop deck, it is perfect for stargazing and events purposes. 

As of today, Engineers of Arley Court began demolition and clearing the area. Construction of the building will begin in the third quarter of 2018. It has 11 units that varies in different sizes. Arley Court is perfect for growing family and family who have roots in Pangasinan.