Building better lives.

Wessix Corporation was founded on the concept of inclusivity and was grounded on the principle that all working Filipinos should be able to afford a home---a home that is their own, and one that they can enjoy comfortably after a long day’s work.

It is through our products and through the collaboration with our partners that we commit to make homeownership possible for every Filipino

It is critical for us to provide eco-friendly, economical and accessible place to every Filipino family. We value our clients time, security and budget.

At Wessix, we make home-ownership a cornerstone to every family’s foundation. A place that they can call "Our home".

Building wealth.

We look beyond the plain and obvious when we regard homeownership as simply to provide a roof over one’s head, rather, we see it as stability to a family.

Over time, as homes are passed on from one generation to another, these plots of land, structured with their own physical makeup, become vehicles and stores of values that builds wealth for a family.

Homeownership alleviates building wealth. It is compulsory savings, instead of paying for your rent you pay yourself. And it's a long time investment, home prices appreciates yearly. 

Indeed, it has been commonplace that at the core of the most great conglomerates of wealth in the world lies on land— an abundance of land that all started simply with one house.