Partners —from brokers and agents; to engineers, architects, and builders— are the backbone of what makes Wessix work. Our houses and lands are not plain concretes that provides roof and spaces to every family. It is a home where family stores values and memories that can build wealth for their family and passed on from generation to generation. At Wessix we want only the best for our clients that's why we collaborated with our hand-picked partners. 

By trade and profession.

Wessix worked with different professionals such as brokers, agents, engineers and architects. These professional’s coordinates with Wessix in providing quality work to our clients. These section is a list of our partners, categorized and organized by trade and profession.


By project or location.

Different projects are tailored to our client’s needs. In each project and location, we collaborate with different partners that are prominent in the area. A list of our partners organized by project and location

Partners directory.

Collaboration is essential to Wessix success. We work with different professionals and organizations to cater to our customer’s needs. Listed on this page is the entire directory of our partners.